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Each of us has a story beyond our speed and endurance. Watch this space to learn more about the riders you are drafting behind or pulling. You might have more in common than you originally realized.

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Snow Roberts - from a Big Wheels humble beginning, she keeps rolling on

Snow Roberts, then

Snow has been pedaling on two wheels since before she can remember, and has pictures to prove it. But, she didn't start road biking until 2009 when she finally succumbed to a friend's plea to buy a road bike. Not knowing what to expect, but always game for adventure, she signed up for Spring CNC, and encouraged by the setting sun, finished the 45 mile route that first day in a little more than 5 hours.

How did you begin riding with TeamCBC ?

After my 5+ hour trek feeling accomplished and, of course, sore, I met someone from TeamCBC standing in the port-a-jon line. She told me TeamCBC was the best group in town, so how could I not check it out ? I did, and started regularly riding with TeamCBC shortly afterwards. Turns out she was right, and its one of my favorite group of people.

How many years have you done BikeMS with us ?

I've been to New Bern three years to participate in BikeMS. I have not been personally affected by MS, however, I am motivated by the work that Greg (Shuck) does in the fight for MS. It's amazing to see his dedication to fighting MS through the Brewery. Plus, he's the kind of guy who is humble and giving and makes you want to contribute to something greater than yourself.

I love that his team offers so many of us the opportunity to ride, connect, and give. He inspires friendships in a very unique way. On my last BikeMS, I completed my first century with three other Team CBC members. For most of us, it was our first century and a very cool accomplishment.

Where are you from, Snow ? My guess is up north ;-)

I'm one of a few people that are local to this area. I grew up in Durham, NC long before it was a trendy, hipster, foodie destination. Cycling was part of my life from a young age from my Big Wheel to my Diamond Bike dirt bike. It was my primary past-time when I was little and I did everything I could to keep up with the boys in my neighborhood.

Now, I regularly find myself on my commuter bike or riding with TeamCBC. My schedule is tight these days so I've been riding mostly in town on a loop from Ridge Road to Meredith College, the Art Museum and back through the new House Creek Trail.

What do you do when you aren't on two wheels ?

I'm an outdoor enthusiast, so you'll frequently find me hiking, walking the dog or training at Crossfit Invoke when I'm not on my bike. I've been lucky to spend the last year traveling and scouting trip locations. I spent a couple of weeks camping and backpacking on Mount Rainier's Wonderland trail and around Colchuck lakes. I traveled to Holland on a bike and barge trip and spent a week chartering a Catamaran in the Caribbean with a group of close friends. I've been very lucky to have a year of adventure!

You've recently started a travel business ?

I spent over a decade planning adventure travel for teenagers and I was ready to take a chance on my own company. I've just launched Blue Highway Adventures which is an active adventure travel company focusing on active, fitness related adventures.

We're offering a variety of trips including a Beer, Bike & Barge trip in Holland that immerses you in the dutch cycling lifestyle. It's a great way to jumpstart your spring training. Or, if you want to try something different, we recommend our multisport Alaska trip with sea kayaking, hiking, rafting and ice climbing in one of the world's most scenic destinations. I just launched my web site at Blue Highway Adventures, or you can follow the adventures via twitter @bluehighwayadv or on facebook.

And of course the question we're all wondering, what's the story behind "Snow" , Snow ?

I am named after my mother who is my advocate, hero and the most giving person I've ever met. I've loved having a unique name - and especially carrying on the family tradition with my Mom, her Aunt and three generations of first daughters. The six of us are a mighty force! Most people think I must have a hippie family, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Snow Roberts, founder of Blue Highway Adventures, now

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