BikeMS this weekend!!!

BikeMS ride letter sent to everyone this morning via e-mail. Please read if you are going to BikeMS,

There is no TeamCBC ride in the Triangle this weekend. Watch Facebook to see if anyone posts a pick up ride. The Tap Room is open at the brewery for your convenience on Sunday!


 I am sending only one e-mail with ALL of the BikeMS info in it.  Please read this e-mail thoroughly and if you have any questions you can e-mail me or post it on our Facebook page.


 BikeMS starts Friday!  Welcome to New Bern!


 Campsite support


-We will be putting up tents and canopies in the campsite.  If you gave us your tent we will have it up and waiting for you.  If you did not, we will have space for your tent when you arrive.  If you arrive late, I would suggest putting your tent up prior to coming to the Party behind the Convention Center

-DO NOT leave your bike in the campsite.  Although mostly safe, there have been times when people have lost their bikes overnight to local thieves.  Either secure them in your car or better yet, put them in the convention center under lock and key.  It is a free service and well worth the effort.

-We have snacks and pop/soda for you at the campsite, along with some of our patented recovery drink.  

-Anytime you are away from the campsite, please close your tent flaps.  

-We have two wonderful people who have volunteered to provide massages all day Saturday.  They will handle the sign up.  This is brought to you by PhD Computers, one of our major sponsors and TeamCBC member Rob, who unfortunately cannot be here.  If you appreciate the efforts, please tip your masseuse, as some of it will go to BikeMS!


-If you would like to assist while you are in New Bern, please ask Bob, Liz, or Chris Higgins.  Or just pitch in where needed.

 Friday schedule
-You can pick up your ride packets at the convention cneter starting at 3 PM until 9 PM, or the next morning before the ride.
-Mechanic support is available at the convention center parking lot Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  See me for stickers.

-If you purchased gear and did not pick it up yet, we will have it at the gear table in the Convention Center.  If you need a jersey, you get one there as well.

-When you turn in money to BikeMS, make sure the envelope has your name clearly written on it.  Also, DO NOT TURN IN CASH!!!.  BikeMS has a habit of losing cash donations.  It happens every year despite their best efforts.  Please just write them a check or do the Credit Card thing on your participant center for all those cash donations.

ATTN:  Party & dinner venue:  Go behind the Convention Center

-Friday evening come to the TeamCBC tent behind the Convention Center for a get together with our favorite beverage.  It starts at 6:30 PM and lasts until 10 or so (the last ones there get to help straighten up!).  Exit the Convention Center through the rear doors.  You can’t miss us!

-We have dinner at 6:45 PM or so at the Convention Center.  It is being catered and costs $10 which is payable to TeamCBC.  If you e-mailed me I included you.  Please bring cash or check and give it to John Fox.  We will need help cleaning up and disposing of everything.  

-Please be at the Convention Center Team tent for announcements at around 8:30 PM

Saturday Schedule

-Pictures are at 7:25 AM by the Gazebo in the park.  Please make sure to wear your new TeamCBC Wheel Jersey.  Everyone needs to be there if they are riding with TeamCBC!  (If you were not one of the lucky ones with a new jersey, you can get one on Friday at the gear table.

-Ride starts at 8 AM sharp.  TeamCBC was the top money earner last year ($167,000).  The BikeMS folks want us to lead the ride out.  The 50, 75, and 100 mile riders will start at 8 and the 30 mile riders will start at the front at 8:30.   I would recommend making sure you connect with your pace group and stay together over the bridge.  Take your time getting organized and be safe.

-Just an FYI, as a general rule, ride with people you know and have been riding with all year.  It turns out to be a much safer experience.

-When arriving back to the park, please come to the campsite, cool down and cheer on other returnees.

-We welcome other riders in the pace lines.  We prefer to ride with those we know, however there are lots of strong riders out there and riding with others is a great way to make friends.  Just remember, you want to remain safe at all times. If you feel uncomfortable regarding the individual in front or around you, gracefully pull out of line and relocate.  Even if it means riding a different pace line.

-Remember, this is a drop ride.  There are rest stops every 8-10 miles or so.  Ride safe, ride carefully and have lots of fun

-Post ride attire on Saturday is a TeamCBC wicking shirt of the color of your choice!  If you do not have one, they will be available Friday and Saturday at the gear table.  Please show your colors and promote TeamCBC Saturday night!

-Beer starts at 4 PM & Dinner starts at 5 PM after the ride at the convention center.  
-We are receiving the Big Wheel Award this year (again) and the top team award.  The award ceremony starts at 7 PM.
  Please attend if you can.  TeamCBC is again raffling off a really nice bike courtesy of Peter and All-Star Bikes in Cary.  $20 a ticket and a very god chance to win. All proceeds go to BikeMS. We need folks there to make some noise.  Please help us create a fun atmosphere for the giveaway.  

 Sunday Schedule

-Gather and ride with everyone on Sunday.  8AM start time

-Relax in the campground and/or stroll over for lunch at the Convention Center

-Help breakdown the campsite after 3 PM.  Cheer on all the riders coming in.

 Thanks all.  You can ride any distance and pace you want.  Remember, you can ride twice as far and at least 1 to 2 mph faster in New Bern than in the hills around the Triangle.  That may help you decide on your pace. The course usually closes around 5 PM or so.


 If you are doing your first double English century (200 miles), please let us know!  We’ll look for you at the end!  It is a great accomplishment.      


 I am sure I forgot to tell everyone something so I do reserve the right to be wrong, incorrect or have missed things.  I will do my best to rectify them if need be.     

 Thanks all!