TeamCBC Sunday Ride_BREWERY RIDE.8/13/17

It's a Brewery Ride!!!
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This means we need volunteers!! Sign up at the link below and earn MS credit. Don't forget you will need to raise $300 before the ride in order to participate. You can sign up for any brewery ride occurring up until BikeMS! This is a great opportunity to plan ahead!

Note that we are starting the rides a half hour earlier due to the expected heat.

Carolina Brewing Company
140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Remember hydration doesn't start 5 minutes before the ride- Operation Hydration starts now! Tips on hydration and nutrition can be found at The speed of each group is based on the slowest rider. Stronger riders should be helping the other cyclists stay together and have an enjoyable ride. People in back speak up if need be and people in front take a glance back to make sure everyone is together.

Print off your own cue sheets. None will be available on Sunday morning.

Route:  Deep River
Cue Sheets:


  • 16-17 7:00AM No Drop, Phil Cunningham leads (Thanks, Phil!)
  • 20+ 7:30 AM Drop
  • 18-19 7:45 AM No Drop


  • 14-15 7:50 AM No Drop, Liz leads
  • 15-16 8:00 AM No Drop
  • 17 8:15 AM No Drop
  • 18-19 8:30 AM No Drop
  • 20+ 8:45 AM Drop Ride


  • 12-14 9:00 AM No Drop
  • 15-16 9:15 AM No Drop
  • 17+ 9:30 AM No Drop


  • 12-14 9:00 AM No Drop

**All distances are approximate**