TeamCBC Sunday Ride_Taproom Ride.7/23/17

Sunday, 7/23/17
Bike then beer!!!!!
Sunday Funday, $3 pints in the taproom!

Temperatures look to be pushing triple digits on Sunday.  Please remember to bring plenty of hydration and nutrition for the ride.  It is IMPERATIVE that we do not leave riders out by themselves.  We can re-group at the top of climbs if necessary but we should never lose sight of the group.  We don't want to risk someone being adversely affected by the heat and then be left alone.  TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!  Also be aware of heat exhaustion (i.e. stop sweating, goose bumps, head ache, nausea).  If these things occur please stop riding.  Better to survive to ride another day.  No need for heroes! On that note, we are looking for a family member/friend/anyone to VOLUNTEER to be SAG.  It would be great if they could be at the brewery to help any riders that may be in need of help. 

Route: Bunn Level Beer Run (It's back!!!)
Cue Sheets:

Ride Times:
Note- Dan L. is leading a new 70 mile ride at 16-17mph.  This is a great opportunity to increase your distance for New Bern.  This is not the ride to choose if you have ridden only sporadically this year (unless you are Danny Thomas).  Please be prepared to maintain at least a 16mph average to stay with the group.

 70 16-17 7:30 AM No Drop, Dan leads
  20+ 8:00 AM Drop
   18-19 8:15 AM No Drop
50 14-15 8:20 AM No Drop, Liz leads
  15-16 8:30 AM No Drop
  17 8:45 AM No Drop
  18-19 9:00 AM No Drop
  20+ 9:15 AM Drop Ride
30 12-14 9:30 AM No Drop
  15-16 9:45 AM No Drop
  17+ 10:00 AM No Drop
20 14-Dec 9:30 AM No Drop