TeamCBC Sunday Ride_Taproom Ride.6/18/17

Happy Father's Day!!!
Come out for a bike ride, then stay for a beer!

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This time of year people's abilities are quite variable so it is more important than ever that we (all riders) be conscientious about maintaining NO DROP Rides!! We ride as team.  That means we don't leave others to fend for themselves.  Read below for more information about TeamCBC riding rules.  I know some of you probably need a refresher!

Route: Deep River
Cue Sheets:


  20+ 8:00 AM Drop Ride
  18-19 8:15 AM No Drop
50 15-16 8:30 AM No Drop
  17 8:45 AM No Drop
  18-19 9:00 AM No Drop
  20+ 9:15 AM Drop Ride
30 12-14 9:30 AM No Drop
  15-16 9:45 AM No Drop
  17+ 10:00 AM No Drop
20 14-Dec 9:30 AM No Drop
1) Ride rules:
        a: No Drop ride mean the group will ride as fast as the slowest rider in the group. 
        b: Stronger riders help weaker riders (everyone has bad days)
        c: A good paceline rides faster and longer than riding out and waiting, therefore ride together.
        d: Strong riders should pull more often at a pace the group can manage together.  Strong riders should pull longer, not faster.
        e: The whole group assists in identifying gaps, and the stronger riders take turns in helping weaker riders catch back up.
f: Keep a steady pace!  Don't blow up the group.
g: Double pace line is safer than single on most roads.  Experienced rider at the back on single file roads to help keep traffic from squeezing and watch out for the safety of the whole group.
h: Ride safe, predictable and be courteous to all your fellow riders.