TeamCBC Sunday Ride_BREWERY.6/11/17

So many things happening at this weekend's brewery ride.  Try to pay attention to the whole ride note.
We will also be joined by one of our sponsors, Pinnacle Nutrition who will be on hand with free samples after the ride.  You will also have the option to pruchase more!

Route: Hilly
Cue sheets:


Distance* (Miles) Speed (mph) Start Type  
70 20+ 8:00 AM Drop  
18-19 8:15 AM No Drop  
50 19+ 8:30 AM Drop  
17-18 8:45 AM No Drop  
15-16 9:00 AM No Drop  
30 12-14 9:15 AM No Drop  
14-15 9:30AM No Drop  
15-16 9:45 AM No Drop  
17+ 10:00 AM No Drop  
20 12-14 9:30 AM No Drop  

Gear and Yardsale info:

1)  For those who ordered new TeamCBC gear last month — the gear is in and can be picked up after this Sunday’s ride.
2)  TeamCBC Yard Sale
  • Classic TeamCBC cycling jerseys for $10-$15 off
  • Original TeamCBC technical shirts and polo shirts for over 50% off
  • Remaining classic socks, gloves, arm warmers, etc. for 30-60% off
3)  New TeamCBC Race Stripe jerseys and shorts are in and available in a variety of sizes
4)  New TeamCBC Technical shirts are in and available in a variety of sizes and colors

Rider2Rider online Auction info:

This year TeamCBC is organizing an online auction.  This will culminate in a Brewery Ride Extravaganza that will include a TeamCBC gear yardsale and shakes by Pinnacle after the ride.  Below are the rules for the auction as well as instructions for posting items.
Auction start: 5/30/17
Auction End: 6/9/17, 11:59PM
Auction Exchange: 6/11/17, 12pm-4pm
CBC Brewery
1.    Cycling related products only
2.    Seller names lowest bid
3.    1 item per post
4.    Bids must be made in the response section (no private message bids)
5.    The actual trade is buyer's/seller's responsibility if one or both
parties are unavailable
6.    No "buy now" option.
Instructions to post items for sale:
Go to the Team CBC Online Swap Meet page at