TeamCBC Sunday Ride_Memorial Day Weekend Rides

Memorial Day Weekend:
1. Sunday 5/28/17- Brewery Ride!!!!
Enjoy free Beer after the ride!
We will need volunteers for to help out.  See the link below to earn MS credits!

Route: Corinth
Cue sheets:

70- 20+- 8:00AM, Drop
70- 18-19- 8:15AM, No Drop
50- 19+- 8:30AM, Drop
50-17-18- 8:45AM, No Drop
50- 15-16- 9:00AM, No Drop
30- 12-14- 9:15AM, No Drop
30- 14-15- 9:30AM, No Drop
30- 15-16- 9:45AM, No Drop
30- 17+- 10:00AM, No Drop
20- 12-14- 9:30AM, No Drop

2. MONDAY 5/29/17- 4th Annual American Tobacco Road Ride. Up to Durham, lunch and beverage and ride back. Yes you can ride your road bike on the trail, or any other bike that you so choose.
We ride as a group at 12 mph, no faster, all the way to Durham. We'll try to keep everyone on. After lunch the groups splits and people can wend their way back at whatever pace they choose

Start Location: New Hill American Tobacco Trail entrance
Start Time: 9:AM