Upcoming TeamCBC events

TeamCBC has a TON of things going on in the next few weeks.  This email is so you have these rides on your radar.  More details will be made available as the events approach.
Put these dates on your calendar!!!!!
Memorial Day Weekend:
1. Sunday 5/28/17- Brewery Ride- Details to come in the weekly ride note.
2. MONDAY 5/29/17- 4th Annual American Tobacco Road Ride.  Up to Durham, lunch and beverage and ride back.  Yes you can ride your road bike on the trail, or any other bike that you so choose. :-)
JUNE 3/4
1. Saturday June 3rd - Star Ride in Star, NC
2. Sunday June 4th Ironman Raleigh Bike station
JUNE 10/11
Saturday June 10  Ride for Life
Sunday June 11th  Special Rider2Rider Brewery Ride Event.
TeamCBC will be hosting an online auction for folks to sell any bicycles or gear that they have laying around.  The Brewery ride will serve as the location where the exchanges take place.  More details to come in a separate email.  We are trying this out in lieu of the Bike Swap.  This event will also feature a "yard sale."  Get old jerseys and shirts at a discount!  Pinnacle Nutrition will also be on hand with shakes after the ride.