TeamCBC Weekend Rides_8/3 & 8/4

Saturday Aug 3

1. Triangle Training Ride

Time: 8:00AM (Beat the heat)

Location: 3932 New Hill Holleman Rd, New Hill, NC 27562

NO DROP system and experienced ride leaders ensure an enjoyable experience while improving your skills and health.

Speed is determined by the riders’ ability and may split depending on the diversity of skill levels.

We are always looking for experienced riders to help out. If you want to “pay it forward” please let us know or just show up!

We need more support to keep these rides going. If you would like to help, please sign up below.

Sunday, Aug 4


Carolina Brewing Company

140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Note the earlier times!

Route: Hilly

8:00 AM- 70 miles: Split at beginning based on attendance

8:30 AM- 50 miles: 19+ drop ride

8:45 AM- 50 miles: 17-18mph, No Drop Ride

9:00 AM- 50 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride

9:15 AM- 30 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop

9:30 AM- 30 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride

9:45 AM-30 miles: 17+, No Drop Ride

9:15 AM- 20 miles: No Drop