TeamCBC Weekend Rides_5/19 & 5/20

Saturday May 18- Triangle Training Ride
Time: 8:30AM
Location: Carolina Brewing Company, 140 Thomas Mill Rd, Holly Springs, NC

Come join us for a social 20 mile ride to work on:

•Riding technique
•Paceline etiquette
•Increasing endurance and speed

NO DROP system and experienced ride leaders ensure an enjoyable experience while improving your skills and health.
Speed is determined by the riders’ ability and may split depending on the diversity of skill levels.

We are always looking for experienced riders to help out.  If you want to “pay it forward” please let us know or just show up!

Sunday May 19

This is a brewery ride, which means free beer but only if we can get the help of folks like you!  Earn MS credit by signing up below!

Carolina Brewing Company
140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Note the earlier times!
Route: Hilly
8:00 AM- 70 miles: Split at beginning based on attendance
9:00 AM- 50 miles: 19+ drop ride
9:15 AM- 50 miles: 17-18mph, No Drop Ride
9:30AM- 50 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride
9:45 AM- 30 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop 
10:00 AM- 30 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride
10:15 AM-30 miles: 17+, No Drop Ride
10:00 AM- 20 miles: No Drop

It's going to be a hot one!!!
Remember hydration doesn't start 5 minutes before the ride- Operation Hydration starts now! Tips on hydration and nutrition can be found at The speed of each group is based on the slowest rider. Stronger riders should be helping the other cyclists stay together and have an enjoyable ride. People in back speak up if need be and people in front take a glance back to make sure everyone is together.

Print off your own cue sheets. None will be available on Sunday morning.