TeamCBC_Weekend Rides 8/24 and 8/25




TIME - SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th @ 830am


Team CBC goes north!
Join us for another great ride - this time we ride the north country.
We'll have 3 groups.
73 miles @ 19-20mph (Tony)
(RS @ 27/59 miles)
60 miles @ 17-18mph (Michelle/Sheila)
(RS @ 30 miles)
48 miles @ 16mph (Ian/Carl)
As a side note, there is not a lot of elevation gain on the 73 and 60 mile routes with both offering some beautiful long sections where the groups can just roll increasing their pace. For those who are doing the MS ride in September, the longer distance may be exactly what you are looking for. If you want to join the 73 mile ride and can't hold the pace, you can drop back to the 60 mile group as they will be following the exact same course for the first 27 miles.

We'll be following the Gyros rules - We ride and work together as a group. There may be the occasional hill where the ride leads will let the group stretch their legs. We always regroup at the top of the climbs.

We'll be ordering food and BYOB if you want for post-ride festivities.  Audi Raleigh will be on hand as well.  There are also restaurants in Ravenstone Plaza so we hope that riders will stick around after their rides to socialize.


For those who would like a slower ride you can attend the Tour de Orange in Hillsborough

Triangle Training Ride

Time: 8:00AM (Beat the heat)

Location: 3932 New Hill Holleman Rd, New Hill, NC 27562

NO DROP system and experienced ride leaders ensure an enjoyable experience while improving your skills and health.

Speed is determined by the riders’ ability and may split depending on the diversity of skill levels.

We are always looking for experienced riders to help out. If you want to “pay it forward” please let us know or just show up!

We need more support to keep these rides going. If you would like to help, please sign up below.

Get your ride in, come back to gear, food, your favorite beverage and if you are going to BikeMS, your packets!

Sign Up to help here:

Carolina Brewing Company

140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Note the earlier times!

Route: Corinth

8:00 AM- 70 miles: Split at beginning based on attendance

8:30 AM- 50 miles: 19+ drop ride

8:45 AM- 50 miles: 17-18mph, No Drop Ride

9:00 AM- 50 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride

9:15 AM- 30 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop

9:30 AM- 30 miles: 15-16mph, No Drop Ride

9:45 AM-30 miles: 17+, No Drop Ride

9:15 AM- 20 miles: No Drop