TeamCBC Sunday Ride_CANCELED_1/21/18

OFFICIALLY canceled Saturday 1/20 5:15 PM

Having driven roughly half of the 30 mile route, I regretfully have to officially cancel the ride for tomorrow. 

Anyone who chooses to ride at noon does so at their own risk. The weather promises to be glorious, after all.

I will put pictures on the TeamCBC FaceBook page of some of the road conditions that led to this decision.  In short, while the roads are 99% clear, there remain stretches of snow and ice up to 100 feet or more in length, covering both lanes.  Those might be safely traversed on a mountain bike, or possibly a gravel bike, but I personally would not attempt them on a skinny-tired road bike.  Nor would I want to arrive at such an obstacle in a paceline, especially not in a double paceline.  

-Dan Leinbach
TeamCBC Vice President


We'll be keeping a close eye on road conditions leading up to this Sunday's ride.  While it is forecast to be much warmer, it only takes a small shaded patch of slick road to ruin your day.

Carolina Brewing Company
140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Ride Start Times- split based on attendance

  • 11:30 AM- 70 miles
  • 12:00 PM- 50 miles
  • 12:30 PM- 30 miles

Route: Corinth