Board of Directors

Kari Wong - President
Kari had never ridden in a group before she started riding with TeamCBC in 2011. As a sprint and international distance triathlete, living in Chicago, she was used to long (less than 30 miles) and flat solo rides by Lake Michigan. Upon moving to North Carolina she learned what real hills looked like and eventually graduated to chasing mountain goats up the mountains of Western North Carolina. She still participates in triathlons, and enjoys the challenge of half and full ironman distances.  In her free time, she likes long walks on the beach and sipping CBC beer (or bourbon) by the fire.
Tim Keller - Vice President
Time Keller Tim joined the board in 2018 and has remained quite secretive thereafter.  
Rumors abound that he's actually in the employ of the NSA (No Such Agency) or a pilot or something, but he's not talking...
(Tim is in fact a Certified Flight Instructor - we've managed to get that much out of him.)
Dan Leinbach - Treasurer
Dan is originally from near Syracuse, NY, where he started riding at age 14. Around 2010 or so, he took a ride south out of Apex, falling in with a group of well-organized cyclists. In hindsight, his query about whether it was an organized ride likely raised more than a few eyebrows. Since then, he's enjoyed the riding and comradery of TeamCBC in all manner of unique events. He appreciates the opportunity to fight MS while riding with this great group. Outside of the team, he can be found flying as a private pilot, or attending many, many of his daughter's dance competitions.  
Rick Bunnell - Secretary
A co-worker got Rick back into cycling about 7 years ago when she asked him for a donation for a MS Ride. What piqued his curiosity was why anyone would willingly want to ride 100 a row. So he decided to dust off his 30 year old bike and the rest, as they say, is history. Now he rides 5,000 miles per year including double centuries in New Bern. This past year he even traveled to Europe to cycle the Pyrenees during the Tour de France. Rick and his wife Joanne have resided in Apex for 18 years and their two grown children both live in the Triangle area. The recently retired Director of Operations now spends his time traveling, volunteering, and hanging out with friends and family.
"Captain" Bob Oderkirk
Bob has been riding with TeamCBC since 2007 when Bob Dillion dragged him (kicking and screaming apparently) to a weekend team ride. Since then, Bob has been the most invaluable member of TeamCBC. Working with Greg Schuck, Tim Keller, and Jon Turner, Bob helped create what the team is today by establishing bike routes, creating relationships with vendors and sponsors, assisting with the creation of the board of directors, serving as the team's President, and of course negotiating with Carolina Brewing Company for more events at the brewery. He and his wife Nancy both ride and have taken part in several cycling events including the famous ride across Iowa known as RAGBRAI in 2015. They both plan to ride double centuries for BikeMS 2016 as well. Originally from Kansas, Bob now lives in Sanford with his wife, and their two dogs. He works in the IT field as a network engineer.
Nancy Canterbury
Nancy (and Jerry) Canterbury

Nancy is an occasional rider that wants to become a better rider and maybe even ride with a group!  She moved here in 2008 from Ohio with her husband Jerry, an avid cyclist and Ironman.  That move turned out to be the best decision ever, since the weather here allows for outdoor pursuits 12 months a year, as opposed to Cleveland where the snow start in October and doesn't melt until April some years.  Nancy first heard about Team CBC at a progressive dinner in Sunset Ridge South in Holly Springs in 2009, and has been tangentially involved ever since.  She is a retired Project Manager enjoying her new-found free time, and hopes to assist the board over the next 2 years to raise bicycle safety awareness, raise money for MS and hang out with fun people. 

Thomas Henson
  Bio pending
Linda Murray
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