Welcome to the web site of the Carolina Brewing Company Cycling Club! TeamCBC is a non-profit bicycling club that trains cyclists to participate in Bike MS event held each year in New Bern, North Carolina. With support of our primary sponsor, Carolina Brewing Company, We are dedicated to fighting multiple sclerosis one pint at a time.

Whether you are new to cycling, or just looking for new riding buddies, you've come to the right place. Join us on our upcoming rides. Team rides originate from My Way Tavern or the Carolina Brewing Company. Both businesses are located in Holly Springs.

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Hey All

I have not done this for a while, so here goes. The following are suggestions for folks who are just starting out or who have started riding more often. This is just something that may help folks who aren’t sure what to get or take on a ride with them. I hope it helps. Brands or other options are always up to the individual and each person does it differently based on their experiences and requirements. Figure yours out as you cycle more and learn what you need. Remember, safety is first, so dehydration, cramping, and bad ride days can happen. Just learn to ameliorate the affects, or sag in, call it a day and ride tomorrow!

The best thing to do would come out to a ride and ask about stuff. There are lots of differing opinions from many people who have done this for a long time. There is no real best answer, but gleaning ideas from others is a great way to figure it out.

What you should carry with you on the bike:

Rear flashing tail light. The brighter the better. Don't skimp as you want people to see you. Look online for reviews. There are several available in bike stores or online that will fit the bill and are easy to mount.

Seat bag containing the following:
Patch kit
Boot (Park tools has a cheap one. I cut up old tires to make them)
Spare tube
CO2 cartridge & dispenser (or hand pump)
tire tools (for taking the tire off)
hand cleaning towelette (compressed)

You can also carry some tools, but I would research the small folding tool kits to see what may work the best.

You will need at least two water bottle cages on the bike. Unless you know your water intake, always carry two water bottles at a minimum. Keep hydrating throughout the ride.

If you ride in the evening a headlight is good to have in case you are out at dusk. Once again brighter is best.

A tire pump can be inexpensive and work well for airing your tires before each ride. You will need to do that before every ride anyway.

If you notice, many people get a plastic box or container and keep necessary items in it all year. Things that you need before the ride and supplies that you can replenish.

I carry:

Tire tools (extra)
Gu or some sort of Gel –
Chews (if you don’t like gels)
Powerbars or something similar to take on rides
Suntan lotion
Chamois Cream (a necessity for most folks)
bandanas or shop cloths
chain oil
water tablets (gu, nunn, camelback, etc for electrolyte replacements)
Tylenol and advil
Endurolytes (electrolyte tablets)

Others carry different items. Carry what you need, but a prepared kit for the pre-ride needs can save you or someone else!

Hope this helps. Oh, and if you are on the road with a group and do get a flat or have a mechanical, let someone with more experience fix it and watch them. If you let them know you are a not prolific at changing a tube or fixing a problem they may talk you through the change so you know how to do it. It takes practice. Listen, watch and learn from folks who are much more experienced. They will give you little tidbits of information as they go along. Soon you will be the expert!


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